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Help with air conditioning running "health re" hot season

Are in the hot sun, air conditioning virtually have to operate at full capacity to help families overcome the sultry summer. However, this friend back often gets “treated ugly,” look less time, maintenance, until it. .. “roll right” out.

To support hard-working air conditioning, just help the air exert full capacity, just extend the life of products, the

power conditioning system maintenance

This is very important

Clean the filters

Hygiene filter (2-3/per week) not only help your tree cold stability but also helps to save electricity. By cooler’s filter when dirty can reduce 30%-40% of the performance of the machine. The filter if not good, then the maintenance the lifespan of the machine will decrease 50%. If there is no time to dismantle the filter out to clean at least, you should also use a washcloth to clean the dust in the filter. Along with the clean the filter, you may use the Paintbrush to clean up the grime tracks on air conditioning or use wet towels to wipe dry Extractor around the machine or use the mini vacuum cleaners.

The filling of the gap in the door and window

Turn on the air conditioning in the rooms is not sealed not only led to the loss of power that also affect the ability of cooling air. At the same time, the machine also works “extremely” fast, resulting in more broken. To get to know the slits, you directly tested in the doubt, if cool air escape out fillings or use paper reported attempt, sealed. At the same time, do not install the temperature too low (240C-260C as appropriate) because when the temperature increase up 10 c, you save 2-3% of the energy consumed.

Use the “Preferences” warranty

Any air conditioning products would also be applicable warranty but many people don’t pay attention to the periodic maintenance and full use of the incentives in the warranty package. You should use the warranty be incentives to increase the lifespan of the product.

Source: Afamily

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