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Beautiful room, cooler thanks to know how to install air conditioning

According To MR. Tran Le Quoc Binh you will have comfortable living space, more facilities if select the suitable air conditioner, reasonable layout.

The link between the air conditioner and living space

Talking about the more modern trends in current living space, MR. Do You share the Letters “member of the family living standards constantly change and develop, even with cooling equipment such as air conditioners must also ensure the 2 factors: aesthetics and comfort for living space.”

With the same thinking that, MR. Tran Le Quoc Binh said that: “any of the widgets in the layout property to maximize its functionality, not to be redundant and also not be missing. The deployment of the air conditioner too, you will have a comfortable living space, more facilities if select the suitable air conditioner, logical layout “. According to him, the choice of installation layout for harmonization with the Interior equipment, especially between the air conditioner and living space, as well as maximize the efficiency of the product is necessary.

Installation of reasonable air conditioner

Each area in the House will have a proper location for the installation of air conditioning. In the bedroom, the appropriate location for the key is to avoid putting air conditioning direct right bed, reduces the creation of the Department of space too, the difference in temperature. With the living room, the air conditioner should not be mounted right on the sofa because just lacks the aesthetic back just cause feeling insecure. In particular, in most areas, the air conditioner should avoid fitted opposite the entrance, because easy to cause thermal shock.

With some modern apartment, installing in-wall air conditioner is also a solution to be taken into consideration in order to bring aesthetic living space. However according to share of KTS. Le Quoc Binh Tran, this also brings some disadvantages such as reducing engine output and speed are of the cold, the toilet, the following maintenance is also difficult.

Source: Vietnamnet.vn

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