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The culprit causing fire to less conditioner

In the summer, using the same time too many devices power consumption led power sources are weak. This can make automatic fire.

According to experts, in the summer, due to the many factors leading to electrical sources such as used at the same time many electric devices, load line is not guaranteed. If maintaining the turn the equipment, especially the air


the risk of burning your very high. In particular, analysis on refrigeration and fire, ass. DR. Nguyen Duc Loi, Scientific Institute of thermal technology & conditioning, Hanoi University for or, usually for 220V voltage must be in the range allowed is from 198-242V. If a lower power and higher 198-142V can all lead to the air does not boot or when running will do poorly, cold does not guarantee safety.

“When electroweak air will operate less conditioning. Thus, if the current unstable or no voltage should not run the machine because of the risk of burning your very high. However, in the case of electricity, it is best to stop the air to safe guard “, PGS. DR. Nguyen Duc Loi stressed.

In another perspective, the expert also for or, basically can get to know your weak through sensory thanks to the electronic devices like light bulbs are not bright enough, air conditioning running weak … However, this is not completely accurate, therefore the risk of damage to the machine. Best, when the voltage swings, it’s best to insert the voltmeter to check and track. Or for safety, to calculate the capacity of the power supply, load bearing capacity of the wire … from there use the stars for the match, to avoid overload. However, in another angle, ass. DR. Nguyen Duc Loi stressed, with regard to your new life with on/off or use inverter technology inverter, in air was available auto parts breaking off from the power to protect the compressor and the motherboard not burned when the voltage too low or too high. So, with this machine type, users need more protection.

“In the electrical equipment, only the refrigerator and the air conditioner is in danger when a weak electric fire can suffer because the compressor. Should include protection for refrigerators and air conditioners if the type that is the old model isn’t available on the air “, PGS. DR. Nguyen Duc Loi for or.

Source: kienthuc.net.vn

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