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How to clean air conditioning hygiene than experts

The air-conditioning after a period of use need to be periodically hygiene would otherwise easily cause heavy damage. In order to save expenditure, below are the steps of self hygiene conditioners simple but effective.

Why must the air-conditioning sanitation and hygiene needs signs harmonic

Signs you need to regulate hygiene:

Cold or no cold radiating weak? That may be because the aircondition was not long on your cleaning leads to cold capacity is reduced.

In the process of use whether you purchase new or old work year without hygiene or maintenance will cause cooling hot Bureau (outdoor unit) can cause heavy damage that this is considered by conditioners.

More common in the family support Bureau that is cold in the House (Indoor unit) heat exchanger is not leading to temperature too cold to do much and the condensate flows out of the water inspired trough.

The family should do 3-4 month toilet/times. For the same Office, 2-3 months/times.

The tool should prepare to defend themselves born air conditioning at home

To be able to regulate hygiene at home, you can use the tools, the following equipment:

Turbochargers here is water pump with high pressure spray to wash the metal slots on the hot rig, rig conditioning very effective. Using this pump is very simple, just plug one end into the faucet water pots, the other end press the button to spray water whenever needed. If you do not have turbochargers, then spray the glass, watering-can also use relatively efficient.

At home you can use bags nilong large, or large bags into a slicker mechanism to contain dirty water during wash spray rig conditioning in the House. The services they use religious or trough the bag inspired dirty water with a length equivalent to cold and rig can hang on the fixed hinged cold to inspired dirty water during spray rinsing.

Cross-bow tie-screwdriver to remove the screws on the rig.

The source of clean water to spray wash, do not need more detergent if your not too dirty.

Clean rags or plastic bags to prevent water shooting into the electronic boards damaged.

Wash water cups or similar detergent to clean the plastic shell rig.

Clean the mask filter in the cooler:

First of all, you pick up the front of the conditioner higher up horizontally and pull out. Then, you use a small absorbent sponge wash the bowl and clean gently. When washing, you note without pressing the hands too strong to do the mask cracked. Next, you wipe dry part mask, not basking in the Sun and then inserted in the machine.

Scouring the cooler air in the filter:

Usually, you should clean the air filter once two weeks.

How to: Remove the front of the cooler and then draw out the nets. Then you spray water to clean the filter. Because the filter made of plastic should not be used on heated 40 degrees C for washing and drying because it distorts. Finally, you dry mesh steers mounting to back of machine. When spray water washing spray to surface memory for the dirt falls out from the left side of the filter.

Cooler wash spray:

First of all, clean rags or plastic bags you use a sealed cooler motherboard section cover to avoid the trickle during spray rinse the shot in and hanging plastic canvas hammocks or religious trough at the bottom to interested countries.

Next, you use water spray or booster pump pressure water spray into the slots on the cooler metal slowly. Note: only sprays water into the metal slot, avoid sprays and other parts will damage the machine.

This work needs your smarts should you need to be careful when manipulating in order not to damage the device. Note should disconnect power before doing this stitch to to ensure safety.

Sanitary wipes to wash the hot conductor (outdoor)

You turn off the air conditioning, power or disconnect the power at the breaker to avoid electric shock, damage to the machine. Next, you use tap water or water spray spray pressure straight into the slot between the metal foil.

In the process of spray washing, to avoid hot-staging job was Max móp strain. If you missed the hand made deformed the metal leaves, use a thin pointed object vertically for Paws straight back but are gently to avoid the lip piercing quality tube blew out the metal foil.

Reinsert the front a/c

After completing part spray wash cold dust filter plates, truss and clean the plastic casing section please proceed to assemble everything. For about 30 minutes for the device to dry.

Turn on the air conditioning and check the air-conditioning work.

The note when done manually on the born air conditioners:

-Before cleaning, right off, disconnect power conditioner to ensure safety.

-You should use clean rags or plastic bag sealed cover the motherboard section. Absolutely not to shoot into the water and wet the electronic boards of air conditioning (located at the top of the compressor). Because when sprayed near this location can make the water penetration into the boxes for bo leads to damaged bo.

-You should toilet filter frequently if it’s dirty, wash with hot Symphony Orchestra and cooler periodically 6 months or 1 year 1 times.

To avoid the hot rig jobs been fullest móp distortion, if móp, then móp, relatively much too beautiful not just harmful to your back, if Miss hand made deformed aluminum thin animal dung, then leaves pointed claw vertically for straight back but must gently to avoid lip piercing quality tubes blew out the aluminum foil. And of course when made for both cold and hot Bureau Bureau entails are to power air conditioning to Cup.

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