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Use the conditioner the right way to have a good sleep

Air-condition, room cooling before 15 minutes, adjust the temperature and fan speed fit body heat, periodic cleaning … is the work necessary to have good sleep.

Conditioners have become indispensable equipments of many families nowadays, especially in hot sunny days. However, automatic can make users caught a cold at night, is not alone, sleep if used the wrong way. Here are some ways to help users use the conditioner has a good night’s sleep:

Air-condition in place

In, users should insert the cooler on high to cold to radiate all over the room. Seamless hot outside should to stay where the ventilation, Sunshine not shining to. The direction set is best hot staging North or South. If mounting in the East or West should have umbrellas.

Seamless hot and cooler placed as close together as possible, should be sealed, should not turn on/off automatic multiple times … in order to avoid wear and energy costs. Combined with select purchase using conditioner All DC Inverter, you can sleep without worry of rising electricity bills was a setback.

Cooling the room before sleeping

According to the technical experts of the Hitachi-Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, users feel at ease and sleep when cool air pervades the room. Each conditioner has a cooling capacity corresponds to the capacity of the machine and the area of the room.

Cooling the room before bed help users feel at ease and sleep.

Such as conditioner 9,000 BTU capacity match with the room 15-20 m2; 12,000 BTU room for 20-30 m2. However, the startup time and the cooling speed of each different machine. If don’t own an air conditioner capable of cooling fast, the user should switch the automatic 10-15 minutes before sleeping.

Adjust the temperature and fan speed fit body heat

Turn on cool conditioner routine before going to bed, to when the body calling for new malaria come up temperature-is one reason why many people caught a cold at night. Body temperature varies with each stage of sleep. Thus, the harmonic temperature should be lower with the Quick cooling speed when starting to create a comfortable feeling in an instant, ascending 1-2 degrees C sleep cool and back when just awake.

In addition, Nguyen Manh Cuong experts recommend installation type air conditioner for the bedroom, like the ability to adjust the temperature and the fan speed to suit the body heat and each stage of sleep. This feature not only limit the risk of cold at night, but also avoid inconvenience to wake several times to adjust the conditioner. At the same time, the machine must maintain smooth operation (19dB) help deep sleep and more delicious.

Besides that, users should also select buy conditioners capable of filter efficiency. Currently, there are a number of smart conditioner lines are integrated gas filter system 3 layer (filter Nano Titanium, stainless steel, Titanium Nano-filtration membrane technology to Fresh Wasabi, UV) bactericidal effect, preventing the growth of mold and deodorizing thoroughly.

Periodic conditioner hygiene

Having regulator filter made of stainless steel with antibacterial effect, just easy hygiene.

After the period of use, the automatic is the refuge of the bacteria, mold … Harmonic hygiene during January 6 times to help protect the health of users, increase your lifespan and significant power savings. The Department noted is scouring the mask, filter, heater and cooler. When sanitation, necessarily turned off electricity to ensure safety, do not wet the electronic boards (located above the compressor).


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