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Reasons not to use old conditioner

In addition to causing the feeling tired, slacking after you in cold rooms, long in older waste electric energy as well as repair costs.

But has the advantage of saving the cost of initial investment, of the old leave conditioner has many detrimental to health and power. Refrigeration specialist Le Ngoc Tam will analyze why new conditioner investment will be more beneficial to continue to use the old air conditioner.

Use old conditioner easy to make you tired, slacking when used for long periods.

Old Republic thing easy to make you tired

The cold room is continuously for many hours, such as when sleeping at night, you can feel very tired or ease headaches and infected with a cold when you wake up.

The propeller of the old type conditioner is usually small and weak after years of use, does not create enough thrust to diffuse the air throughout the room. The cool air blowing directly on you sleep can do nasty body. Old style conditioner at the same time not equipped with air filtration technology, dirt in sealed rooms, leading to sit long in the cold room will make you feel tired or Civet, susceptible to infectious diseases.

Old waste power conditioner

Conditioner is one of the device consumes more power in the family, but the old Republic is even “consuming” more power than your family’s money. Used conditioner for long time the cooling performance is not high because of the weak, the old engine, so a lot of electricity consumption in order to achieve the desired cool mode. At the same time, the old conditioner line is not equipped with inverter technology helps save electricity.

When replacing the new Republic article, you should prioritize the product has high cooling performance and use the motor inverter to save electricity. The machine has an equilateral triangle design, other traditional air conditioner will help to increase the cooling performance of the air.

Old expensive conditioner repair costs

When you use the air conditioner for long periods often malfunction, failure, need constant maintenance. The call cost to repair, maintenance electrician conditioners can cost teams use conditioner up very high. So, you should consider investing a new Republic article, when the family’s old conditioner was malfunctioning too heavy and expensive to replace.

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