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Using the baby-safe conditioner

Injured boy hot season, many families can’t sleep for your baby is automatic. However, if you use the air conditioner the right way can cause the respiratory disease to the baby.

There are many questions of readers submitted on category “cooling solution space living” fret about how to use air conditioning safe for baby. This category will bring out 4 Note to you can use conditioner.

Parents use conditioner properly will help your baby to avoid respiratory ailments.

No to conditioners blowing straight to the baby’s bed

The respiratory system of small children is also very sensitive. If the fan of the air conditioner blowing straight into bed, the location had of weak baby with respiratory diseases such as respiratory allergies, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, sore throat. The common symptoms of the baby is coughing, fever, nasal Chamber. may appear after long time in conditioner is located.

Under refrigeration specialist Le Ngoc Tam, when in the bedroom have small children, you need to note the installation of the conditioner to blow straight constantly in bed. To install the conditioner fan in low mode and wind.

Conditioner temperature stability

The temperature changes suddenly conditioner will make baby feel “thermal shock”, unpleasant. So, in your baby’s room, you should not let the temperature too cold, ensure difference of room temperature and outside temperature 7 degrees. In Vietnam, the weather conditions the temperature suitable for baby’s room 26-28 degrees Celsius.

Maintain a stable temperature and cool for the room will help little more comfortable in the hot season.

One other important note is when babies are in from the outside hot environment, excessive sweating, you should not give your baby right into the room. You need to wipe the sweat less for baby and turned to the stabilized gradually cooling at all. You can also proactively select the harmonic generation products capable of more powerful cooling when just turn on and switch to the pleasant, cooling to maintain stable temperature for the room.

Cleaning and maintenance regular conditioner

If the toilet is not regular conditioner, conditioner can become “bacteria drive” transmission of infectious disease for the baby. According to experts, Le Ngoc to aircondition works good hygiene should be periodically 3-6 a month. You can turn off the machine and cleaned the dirt, nature cling … From the Choose your conditioning, you should also select the priority products have removable filter was so easy.

With some parts inside like gas, vapor, you need professional maintenance electrician to check it. You can also contact the nearest warranty Center for further assistance.

Select product features air filter

Because the air in the enclosed room can pollution than outside air 2-5 fold, you should open the room about 30 minutes once to change new air to the room. If the family has this condition, you should select the line of new generation air conditioner, gas and sterilizing filtration for air.

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