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The secret to choose to buy and use air conditioning

Don’t choose this lack of capacity versus demand the use of the room. Not enough cold temperature forced air to work continuously, leading to hot air, power consuming and perishable.

This is the useful items for families in the hot season. When you choose to buy and use conditioner, users can choose according to the criteria: capacity, type of one-way or two-way, mark … So what kinds of selections available conditioners made clear of the prestigious firm. Usually these imported products have higher prices. The important thing to remember is to select, fit the air-conditioning room space. This will help users get the most effective features of the automatic power saving the time and cost of use.

Choose automatic according to the capacity that would

To calculate the power conditioner for all purpose use, needs based on factors such as area, volume of the space needed for cooling. Volume of freezing is the main factor used to calculate capacity.

Capacity of air conditioning is often credited under the unit BTU/h. The smallest air conditioner usually seen in Vietnam has a capacity of 9,000 BTU/h (2, 6375KW).

The number of BTU/h are the capacity of heat transfer between two sections of the air rather than the power consumption of the machine. Power consumption of air conditioner 9,000 BTU/h is approximately 0, 97KW, i.e. the performance of air around 2.72 times. Better, less power consuming over performance can up to more than 3 times. Larger capacity machines usually have higher performance.

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In fact, many people used horse units to the power conditioner, a horse (HP) the equivalent of 9,000 Btu/h. By using this unit, power conditioners are available on the market will be:

-1 HP 9000 BTU equivalent

-1.5 HP equivalent 12000 BTU

-2 HP equivalent to 18000 BTU

People often calculators capacity air conditioners for a sealed room according to the formula: A cubic meter is equivalent to 200 BTU, from there, if you want to select the capacity to regulate the family, then according to the formula: BTU = Vx200 (V is harmonic space) similar: HP = Vx200,/9000. Specifically:

-Room size: (3 x 4 x 3.5) m3 = 42m3 then select automatic 1 HP.

-Room size: (4 x 5 x 3.5) m3 = capacity 70 m3, select automatic 1.5 HP or 2 HP.

-Room size: (5 x 6 x 3.5) m3 = 105m3, select automatic 2.5 HP.

Note: the air-conditioning capacity is also affected by other factors such as solar light cover, the insulation of the room, location and magnitude of the window and the number of people who regularly use the room more or less. So not the room would also have the same standard so we can add or subtract more about 5-10 m3 depending the case …

Use the out side room with sunny fixtures directly, with others, have the ventilation exhaust fan … then add khoảngg (0.5 ~ 0.3) HP, depending the level of heat loss-making capacity.

The harmonic capacity options or lack of influence?

Never select this lack of capacity compared to the volume of demand, use of the room. Not cold enough temperatures will force the machine to work continuously, leading to hot air, and air power quickly broken.

When purchasing your surplus capacity should select a few. The initial investment amount may be more than select the correct capacity but is powerful, machines benefit level conditioning time faster and when your reach the cold enough then will disconnect. With this type of excess capacity in comparison with the demand, the machine will have plenty of time to “rest”, help for the durability of the machine are stretched.

There are also people who worry about excess capacity will use more power, this is true when comparing the two machines have the same major and minor power operates continuously. In case of use for a room can equal area, then when the type large-capacity power consuming fewer than because they only run in a short time is getting cold room and interrupts. Meanwhile, the machine has a capacity of just enough or lack will be forced to run continuously and will thus have to continuous power consumption may be more.

Experience real options:

1. Conditioners for family room: used for public spaces such as the kitchen, living room plus 0.5 Hp. Specifically:

-The volume of about 40 m3 select automatic 1.0 HP (9000 BTU)

-The volume of around 60 m3 = 1.5 HP (12000 BTU)

-The volume of about 80 m3 = 2.0 HP (18000 BTU)

2. Conditioners for cafes, restaurants: due to particularities have at very crowded, there are ventilation exhaust fan should have to choose capacity for at the highest load density (due to the heat radiate out, external ventilation on). Specifically

-The volume of about 30 m3 = 1.0 HP (9000 BTU)

-The volume of about 45 m3 = 1.5 HP (12000 BTU)

-The volume of about 60 m 3 = 2.0 HP (18000 BTU)

3. Conditioners for hotels: hotel room rentals feature short or foreign guests, they usually require air to cool rapidly from ventilation to the room when we count the higher capacity family bedroom. Specifically:

-The volume of approximately 35 m3 = 1.0 HP (9000 BTU)

-The volume of about 70 m3 = 2.0 HP (18000 BTU)

4. Conditioners for Office work: We select the standard Office work is the number of people with computers, have stable work for each person, photo, fax machines, printers … If event is less and the number of your device is not much can count as aircondition for the family room. Specifically:

-the volume of approximately 35 m3 = 1.0 Hp (9000 BTU)

-The volume of approximately 55 m3 = 1.5 Hp (12000 BTU)

-The volume of about 70 m3 = 2.0 Hp (18000 BTU)

Should choose a one-way or two-way machine?

-The type of air 1 pm: only cooling function, used to buy.

-The type of air 2 pm: have both function of heat and cold and are used for both seasons, summer and winter.

For the family with small children or the elderly should use 2-way type to use in the winter when the weather is too cold.

Some note when installing and using this:

-The need to calculate the capacity of air line with an area of the room. Note the cover of sunlight, the position of the window.

-Do not place the air conditioner in the home temperature difference is too high compared to the outdoor temperature.

-The room is sealed, reasonable ventilation.

-Air Divers are skilled to avoid bad gas load in the air too much or too little, to gas leaks, insulate the pipes and Sockets is not good.

-Fin fitted in the position of being the sun shone on, being plagued wind (best fitting in the North or the South). If mounting in the East or West should have umbrellas, but shelters were not hindering the flow of wind through the removable fin.

-Should the mount in position can radiate cold are in the room. Seamless hot and cooler as close as the altitude difference between the staging as small as possible to avoid power consumption and reduced productivity.

-When not in use to turn off the power source rather than just turn off by remote control.

-Regular air hygiene.

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