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How to use air conditioners power savings

Home I had the air conditioner but summer is still very limited because the power turned on. Hot season just turned the air conditioner is skyrocketing electric bill double. Is there a way just use air conditioners saving electricity?

According to Le Ngoc Tam refrigeration specialist, first you should optimize the use of the air conditioner by the check of the following factors:

The installation you must place the fin in the airy location, avoiding direct sunlight is at noon and afternoon, at the same time avoid placing many fin too close together or the wind blows hot on each other. For the cooler, the position must match in order to make the most of wind flow convection cooler from cooler, but note avoid direct winds can affect health.

Select the air conditioner inverter technology to no longer “headache” with electricity bills.

You should check the exhaust fan housing you have too big or not. Ventilation for the normal operation needs around 30m3/h, so the installation of exhaust fan is necessary, but should also note that if installing this fan is too large then the cold weight loss can be very large.

You should perform regular maintenance to ensure the air conditioning works in the best condition. Also you can consider using the air conditioning inverter technology, to reduce costs on your home’s electric bill.

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