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3 reasons to need maintenance and cleaning air conditioner

Every week, air conditioners operating capacity decreases 1% because dirt clinging to. Just need to replace the filter, you can reduce the energy consumption of the 5-15%.

Cleaning and maintenance the air conditioner regularly will help energy-saving air conditioner, at the same time avoid the respiratory disease for people to use. Experts from the category “cooling solution space living” will advise you 3 reasons need maintenance and cleaning the air conditioner regularly.

Replace the filter inside the air conditioner can help reduce energy consumption 5-15%.

Remove the respiratory pathogens

The air conditioner was “Lung” for your home. In addition to space cooling features, the new-generation air conditioner available today are equipped with air filtering, acting as a true lung for your family. Consumers increasingly more attention to the air conditioner product features plus more as as filter dirt, bacteria and allergy-causing agent, provide clean air, cool for the family.

New generation air conditioner like a “lungs”, the air filter and dirt for homes.

So, if you are not hygienic air conditioner, conditioner to lung, oxygen and contamination will affect the respiratory health of the whole family. Contaminated air conditioner like inflamed lung, became “the drive” bacteria, the air conditioner blows air out the fresh, easy no longer causes respiratory diseases, particularly for small children have less developed respiratory systems. That’s why you need sanitary filter, spray wash hot staging and even cooler 3-6 a month.

Power reduction

Every week, the air conditioner back on active power reduction by 1% because dirt cling. Fact, just housekeeping or dirty filter must be replaced, the new dust filter mesh, you can reduce the energy consumption of air conditioner up to 5-15%. When there is too much dust sticking on the cooler, the air conditioner will slowly provide cold for the room. The machine must operate more, reduce the cooling efficiency.

Refrigeration specialists Who analyze, Le Ngoc when reduced cooling performance, the same time the air conditioner to cool more slowly. The new generation of air conditioners on the market that are geared to the aim of increasing the cooling performance, while reducing power consumption Max.

Samsung air conditioner new generation have strong cooling performance thanks to tam design.

If a new air conditioner change conditions, hygiene and regular old air conditioner that will help you increase the cooling performance of the air conditioner and reduce power consumption somewhat.

To avoid damage to the air conditioner

The case of the air conditioner is operating automatically interrupted and often damaged due to air being dust. When there is too much dust sticking to the fin, the air conditioner can not heat sink and become overloaded. That is the cause of your automatic disconnect. If the condition lasts can lead to the failure of the air conditioner.

Therefore, to maintain the durability of the air conditioner, you need sanitary air conditioner regularly. You can turn off your toilet to dirt, clinging in the filter. However, with some parts inside the air conditioner and slightly carbonated, you need thanks to specialized maintenance electrician to check it.

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