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3 time of need replacement regulator

When the machine is no longer cool in temperature, noise and interference-causing water, you should choose for themselves the other conditioner.

Air conditioners account for more than 60% of the power consumption of the electrical equipment in the home. As the old machine power consumption as high, normal wear and usage charges, while low cooling performance. The replacement of air conditioner refrigeration experts reviews is more economical. Here are 3 time users should abandon the old conditioner.

The lowest temperatures not cool

The lowest temperature of automatic temperature is not displayed on the controller (remote), which varies depending on the volume, the amount of electronic equipment and number of users. As the old machine minimum heat level. The aircondition is lower than the minimum temperature only in air power, without cooling results even more.

After you determine the lowest temperature, the user should switch the conditioner and feel slightly cool radiating in 5-10 seconds. If not cool or cold air flow is weak, so the replacement of air conditioning.

Most of the harmonic series the new generation has many improvements have good cooling performance and faster. Such as aircondition tam an Samsung changed the chassis structure, the prismatic triangular, help the surface air is greater than 139%, extra wide gas distribution port 154% and perimeter fan on 122%. Thus, tam an cooling performance higher than 25% compared to the harmonic line rectangular box shape before.

Cause noise when operated

After long time of use, the machine is not only weak but also activities emit noise, the user should also be changed.

In addition, the older generation often air conditioner using the mono compressor technology, operating the entire capacity to reach the temperature calibration, then out, then restart from beginning to continue to cool the air. This technology not only noisy, but also consume more electricity because of having to constantly start machine.

In addition to owning tam design an increase in cooling efficiency up 25%, Samsung also integrates Digital technology and Inverter Inverter compressor warranty of 10 years.

To increase efficiency and reduce electricity bills each month, users should purchase the new generation air conditioner uses power-saving Inverter technology. This technology is more automatic improvement, such as Digital Inverter SEER 10.1 integrated in Samsung conditioner, helps to maintain the desired temperature without adjusting multiple times, save more than 60% of the energy.

Things dissolve an Samsung also incorporated a “user” mode (Single User) allows to reduce the level of activity consistent with the needs of a person, save 26% electricity compared to the conventional Inverter mode.

Disruption of water

The main cause for interference is due to dirt accumulation, causing clogged sewer lines and spill out. In addition, the water trough cracked or missing gas also lead to this condition. If after several cleaning and maintenance do not fix fully, users should replace air conditioner, in order to avoid a short circuit condition due to a water leak.

To prevent the phenomenon of interference should choose automatic easy disassembled and cleaned filters, instead of having to resort to the Oiler maintenance. Besides, should also learn the ability to filter bacteria, viruses and dirt of the conditioner, which aims to protect the health of families.

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