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Air conditioner buying advice according to the criteria

On the market today there are many types of conditioners in the different brands so consumers encountered many difficulties in choosing to be an automatic match with his family. Here are a few select air conditioner buying advice based on some criteria.

Reality shows on the market today have so many conditioners from popular imported until domestic production venture with price category. The air conditioner is usually chosen with capacity from 9000 to 12000 BTU to suit the conditions of families have a large room in which the power consumption stays.

1. Criteria of origin of products

This world is rich and diverse, especially in the hot season. This has led to confusion, poor quality machine type selection, is even with the brand new infinity. The note about the origin of the product, the warranty period,

installation of automatic

and after sales services of the type you choose, will help you find the air conditioner ensure quality and highly effective when used.

According to Mr. Nguyen Cong San, Captain of the anti-smuggling action Bureau Hanoi market management: today’s tricks very sophisticated smuggling objects, difficult to identify. Some business people have smuggled components refrigeration air conditioner poor quality of Assembly and then pasting the labels of well-known. Besides, there’s also a trick the customer is entering the machine has low capacity but higher parameters record to the team.

2. Criteria in the specifications indicated on the air

The client should particularly note the collation specifications indicated on the air, by the experience of many experts in this field has shown that the most articulate of a defect: air


every float is causing loud noise when in use, the cold does not achieve standards that manufacturers give out, very low durability. That’s why when you buy, you have to measure the standard of serial number on the machine with the series recorded on the warranty. Check for anti-counterfeiting stamp must be affixed on the body and intact, not be torn or deformed.

3. Criteria for the specific features of each type of air

One more thing you need to note when choosing the conditioner to ensure highest efficiency that is: should buy appropriate conditioner with space to live and work. According to advice from the professionals, then you should buy wall conditioners if used for family, also if used for Office work should buy regulate ceiling to save an area of. One of the reasons is that when
buying excess capacity would regulate better because the room will lick the cold, but also should not buy the machine has a capacity that is too large, medium-sized electricity consuming cost to operate this machine.

4. Criteria for the price-reference standard prices before you buy

In addition to product quality, the price is also something special interest clients when choosing products. However, there are many business establishments have higher rates raise automatically compared with the actual value or the price difference is quite large. Thus, before you go to buy things or any of the products, then you should also know more about the price of each specific product.


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