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How to install air conditioning in collaboration with Feng Shui to good health, much luck

The air-conditioning was installed in proper positions help maximum cooling efficiency, saving energy, Feng Shui and suits your personality, health guarantee for you and your family.

On the other hand, when active, the electrical appliances were all produce electromagnetic waves, which cause damage to the body. According to Feng Shui, the wind blows cold and the air intakes of air conditioners in the scope of “gas”.

Gas can be divided into 2 large category is “transport” and “Monster Monster” gas. “Air transport” Hell is the phenomenon of gas there after, and “Monster” is the gas natural had General before (congenital).

The cold air in the air conditioner which was the hot air is sucked in through the gas chamber. Therefore, this gas does not match the conditions of the theory of “gas the hell” of General congenital nature.

Usually, the human body is surrounded by a kind of gas market. Under the impact of the conditioner, especially during sleep, cool stroll and not easily field gas formation are layers of protection. From there, the body will suffer the adverse external factors can infiltrate and illness.

Therefore, the decor in the bedroom layouts to avoid the bad effects of conditioners is of paramount importance, especially the stats of the bed. If listed under the bed air conditioners, air conditioning (g) blowing directly will break down the inherent balance of the “gas” wrapped body. From there, making the body’s immunity be dropped, easily lead to flu or arthritis.

Location of installation exact reasonable air conditioner is usually in the left or right opposite the entrance. Avoid placing this type in location xộc blows cold air the can into the beds.

In addition, many houses in ages, so you need to make sure to adjust the appropriate temperature conditioner with every body. Especially in the summer are regularly used to type this.

In large buildings, the layout system in the center position. By then the area of the great room and many users.

Installation of the conditioner the right way

The installation location should be checked before mounting to ensure air can work well and have the highest performance.

Clusters in the home must be installed in the middle position, the way the ceiling a minimum 40 cm; the sides and front of the machine with no obstructions or heat equipment; not to the sunlight shining directly into the air.

The cluster must be installed in the location of airy, sides and front of the machine with no obstructions or heat equipment; not to the sunlight shining directly into the air; behind the machine if there are obstructions to ensure a minimum distance of 60 cm

The distance between two clusters inside and outside the home should not be mounted too far apart or the height difference between the two clusters are too large because that can decrease the performance of your machine. Normally, the distance between two clusters from 8 m-10 m and not more than 5 m height difference is best. In case of higher external cluster installation cluster and a height difference of over 5 m then necessarily designed oil trap system (this must be done by specialized technical personnel).

TRANS-gas pipeline wall and drainage pipe must be heat-insulation layer 1 wrap to avoid waste water leaks when the machine operators, damaging the walls and other equipment.

When drilling the hole set TRANS-gas pipeline wall you should pay attention to the difference in drilling holes from the inside out with a minimum ratio of 5% to ensure good drainage.

Air-condition in the room

The living room is also in the room were many people use air conditioning. However, how fitting and insert in position would not know.

In each family, the living room and the bedroom is used to regulate the most. In the hot summer’s day coming, sure aircondition in all rooms, bedroom will make the full power to bring a relaxed feeling to the user.

However, not air-condition is. Before you buy, you need to calculate the view location would air-condition is reasonable to not lose the money and lose the subsequent to eject inserted again.

According to Feng Shui experts, each location of the air-condition will bring a different destiny. If you locate the air-condition that wind blowing into the conditioner will not good. Equipment will be reached, workers will gas density and the family will always be in a State of cold, not cozy. So you need to avoid the air-condition have the wind blowing like that.

Many people said that should not believe in Feng Shui, but huh says my father has the sentence “there are healthy diets”, you should choose a convenient location and reasonable, for sure it will not be difficult.

The living room is usually wide rooms and doors, a day will have more turns out on, so you should choose to purchase large capacity air conditioning a little bit more, avoid air-condition in towards the door then so will prevent cold air out straight out, leading to expensive cold and electricity.

Avoid blowing wind aircondition on television: Your taste is considered the place of retention in the House if to wind blowing directly into your conditioner, will dissipate your LOC’s family. Can say that this is what the great cavalry charge when installing the air conditioner, especially for the families to do business.

Besides, you should also pay attention to the location between the main door and the latest. Because the main door is where the thrust of the gas well go on, if set to automatic doors opposite the House will not get your gas, causing convergence feelings between people in the home become lukewarm. How to solve the following: you should screen curtain fabric panels or glass in the location of the legend.

On the other hand, if the wind blew the conditioner’s door straight into the main Chair in the living room (sofa 3 seat) will create the sensation: check the paint (the title) not firmware. This affects the success of your career.

Therefore, the best way is to let the wind of air conditioner 2 side seats to offset or shift the position of the Chair.

Avoid putting conditioner on the sofa: the Sofa is that the host or Chair to sit, if air conditioning blowing directly from the top to the sofa will make homeowners feel uncomfortable. This is also a taboo by so will make families lose seats based firm, a major influence on the work and career. You can price the award by redirected the wind of air conditioner or home Chair position to a more reasonable position.

Note avoid put conditioner on the sofa to ensure aesthetic and health for my family.


Automatic opposite the kitchen fire, the home stadium. If necessarily air-condition in this space to waft up toward the ceiling.

Dinner: after 1 time use, unavoidable accumulation of dirt. Therefore, when the harmonic turn in at cooking, easy dirt falling into the food. Therefore, no air-condition in on or near the dining table.

The bedroom

When the body in a State of sleep, the respiratory system are not nearly as guarded. Thus, if the wind’s blowing straight into the conditioner will cause the body to ease a cold, easy “call” ties to gas. Therefore, to the direction of the wind blowing up the conditioner on or open the curtains in the room begins to balance wind chill.

If the bed below the stats air conditioners, air conditioning or gas that says direct blow will break down the inherent balance of the “gas” wrapped the body, makes the metabolic functions of the body are affected , causing the body’s immunity be dropped, often leading to symptoms of influenza or arthritis.

Location of installation exact rational conditioner is often in overlapping to the left or right doors, best avoided by blow air conditioner air flow down xộc straight into the beds.

Therefore, the location of the installation of the air conditioner bed room reasonable accuracy is often in overlapping to the left or right doors, best avoided by blow air conditioner air flow down xộc straight into the beds.

In addition, the House is still the old man and the young lady, by the ability to self regulate and the ability to adapt to the environment of the elderly and small children, to avoid the relatively weak subjects infected air conditioners , or not penalty, should capacity air conditioner type fitting just right. On hot summer also should not use large capacity air conditioner, and should only be opened in the appropriate temperature, cool enough to avoid respiratory ailments.

Reading room

Conditioners can bring people feeling cool. Thus, the ability of thinking as well as the efficiency of your learning will be enhanced.

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