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The views of the architecture of the air conditioner and living space

One of the factors that help to increase the ability of cooling the air conditioner next to the primary performance factor is the structure of living space, or the location of your installation.

Space air conditioner need what?

A solution to the air conditioner operates efficiently, saving energy is good for the Hot House. KTS. Do You think “Message Should restrict building westward because sunny afternoons often fierce shining directly into the House, increasing the amount of heat absorbed, and not catch up with the heat of the night. Thus, the air conditioner is operating at maximum capacity when the night of, pretty much consumption of electricity “.

Concur with that opinion, MR. Tran Le Quoc Binh also share “the building avoid the direction of sunlight needed thorough calculations, especially for the glass design. Can alleviate the heat absorption by planting vines around the House to increase moisture, help cool the inside than the space, the use of automatic from there do not spend energy “.

Also with the Interior, the arrangement of widgets also need attention. Typically, not to the obscure Cabinet air conditioners; or if there is a well designed, you should create a mobile glass to easily close open, minimize the escape of steam conditioning.

Performance of air conditioners will increase dramatically if you incorporate the suggestions mentioned above. However, consumers may still be active in the Choose installation location reasonable to increase the cooling efficiency, as well as aesthetics for the apartment.

Installation of air conditioner efficiency-optimized solutions for living space.

KTS. Tran Le Quoc Binh share about a few location suggestions when installing the air conditioner “should air in the higher position for a small area such as apartments, to facilitate cold air passed to the deeper space in the apartment. For living room, air-condition not users right on the sofa because of not feeling safe and causing lack of aesthetics ”

KTS. Tran Le Quoc Binh (nominated Architect in 2013-ASHUI Organization Network): “the selection of air conditioner is still sometimes difficult problem with the architect. However, the appearance of the tam representative conditioner has contributed to alleviate the pressure at work choose this installation. “

When asked about the location for the air conditioner in the living room, he said that the previous generation product shape slightly rough so often cause loss of aesthetics and also is a question of making it hard for even the architect as he is.

Besides the solutions aimed at improving the living space, as well as choose where reasonable layout, consumers should choose for themselves, tam an air conditioner with a new design to enjoy a cool, comfortable space but still ensures high aesthetic properties for not his living spaces.

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