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4 habits help increase longevity for air-conditioning

Other than the thoughts of many people, regular hygiene masks, filter and two hot staging, conditioning is again the easy habit of rising longevity for this family.

A lot of people that have to invest to buy the expensive conditioned or limited time use can increase longevity for the air-conditioning of the family. But, just to maintain a few recurring toilet habits, you can increase the lifespan for family mediation ever since whether to purchase and use the old conditioner.

The repairman said the experience, the Hygiene Division of the air-conditioning is the habit can help dramatically increase lifespan for conditioners. Even save both money and pumps the cooling station.

Typically, for automatic use in families, experts recommend 3-4 month warranty/times (if operated regularly 3-6 hours per day).

Clean filtering masks of cooler

The mask filter is external parts exposed to dirt should need to be regularly cleaned toilet. First of all, lift up the front of the conditioner higher up horizontally and pull out. Then clean and rinse the mask with water (or water wash) and wipe dry.

The majority of air conditioners on the market today that has a removable mask so you can remove as extravagant a step next to the body to the toilet easier.

However it should be noted, do not use strong detergents as well as push the strong hands when clean. In particular, not to dry directly under the Sun. When putting on or removing the mask on the right need to put out the trigger to avoid the loss of cold air when used.

Sanitary filter

The air filter is dirty dust-prone parts for air-conditioning when used in a long time, especially in climate conditions much dirt such as Vietnam. Typically, users should filter the air hygiene 2 weeks/times or so for a 1 month/times.

Each condition, the filter is created and deployed. But most of the manufacturers are often arranged the grid is very easy to remove/insert to facilitate the housekeeping.

To sanitary filter, users need to disconnect power, remove the cooler, use the washcloth to clean the dust filter and then use tap water blowing direction of the dust layer.

To note, the filter is easy to broken, torn, do not use water above 40 degrees C to scouring. When finished, the toilet should expect new dry filter inserted in the machine. The most recent filter into the air when not dry will increase the risk of sticking dirt and harmful bacteria thrive.

The toilet the entire cooler

Indoor hygiene but complex but can completely do without thanks to the repairman. To scrub the toilet, cooler, you can use the booster pump (if any). If not, can take advantage of spray, watering to scrub toilets cooler is also relatively efficient.

Turn off the machine before washing the cooler. Before washing, use a dry rag or spray nylon sealed motherboard cooler. Just spray water and scouring in the slot position, aluminum foil, metal heat sink, avoid sprays and other parts (especially the motherboard) to avoid damaging the machine. Wait for the machine to dry water, then at least 15 minutes for your power plug new.

Scouring fin

Typically, the hot a/c ensemble is usually located outdoors so after several months of use also occurs with dust accumulation phenomenon. So are both hot staging periodic hygiene if you want the air conditioner works smoothly.

If the family installed in the low position, the hot-staging hygiene is very simple. Just disconnect your entire system, using the high pressure hose (or normal wash hose) to spray directly on the fin. You can use a cross-bow tie-long screws fixed to the rotor spray to wash hot rig more easily.

If in the tall buildings or install the fin in the high position. The user should call professional conditioner repairman periodic sanitary hot-staging to avoid the unfortunate accident.

Source: ictnews.vn

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