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3 Note the installation of the air conditioner for the living room

The bedroom is usually the most priority to air-condition. However, if your family are considering the installation of automatic for the living room, you need to pay attention to the particularity to select the suitable air conditioner.

Category “cooling solution space living” will offer three suggestions for you to choose the most suitable for the air conditioner in the room.

After the bedroom, the living room is usually consider installation of the air conditioner as this is the common space of the family and where the visitors welcome.

Select air conditioners, custom-built-rooms

To select automatic, first you must still know the area to select the appropriate capacity. 9-15 m2 room will need a 1 HP (horse). 15-20 m2 rooms need 1.5 HP power conditioner. 20-30 m2 room needed air conditioning power 2 HP.

You should note special room and area to select the matching conditioner.

In addition to the area, you also need to note the particularity of room air conditioner isn’t opened frequently, but when opened they must fast cooling to. To cool more quickly, you should choose air conditioners cooling performance is higher than the bedroom.

Set position cooler fit and aesthetics

When choosing the installation location, you must pay attention to the wind flow of air to ventilate people was in the living room, but also not too strong or direct blow to the people. This position need optimal wind direction, in the regular activities of the family. Conditioner should not be shielding, reduces the efficiency of the machine.

You also should not set the cooler too far, too high or too low, for ease of maintenance, ease of installation, wiring and Terminal duct especially don’t drains. Location place the air conditioner at the same time are aesthetic harmony with the House. You can choose the type of new generation of air-conditioned, with beautiful, luxurious design to more respect for the beauty to the room.

Note to the electronic equipment

Usually the air conditioner when the cold air also should be very good for the electronic equipment. You just need to note not to the electronic device just below the cooler to avoid cases when air conditioning was really trying to damage the water splash or noise into the device.

If you have an electronic device is radiating more heat and often in living rooms like computers, you should consult with the shop to select air conditioners have a higher capacity to reconcile this heat source.

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