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Avoid hớ when this page aircondition

Lack of knowledge about the conditioner, customers may be charged the price of the sky every time a hardware device. 

He Le Ngoc Tam, refrigeration specialists explained, lack of knowledge about air


, consumers may be screaming to high price to repair and replace components inside. To resolve the issue, consumers only need some basic knowledge about air conditioners. We will give consumers some signs harmonic machine just


and hygiene. 

Low temperature but the room was still not cold 

After a period of use, the air conditioner can meet users ‘ status already adjust the temperatures down as low as possible, for example 17 degrees C or 18 degrees C, but the room still not achieve the desired level of conditioning, only emits light wind from the fan not cold. Sometimes the reason is only due to the closed dust too much on fin placed outside. Laminated dust around the hot conductor do the heat cannot escape, can not become overloaded, radiator to fin. To solve the problem above, you only need to call housekeeping to maintenance craftsmen fin.

Dirt sticking more to moderate hot staging could not diverge slightly cool the radiator.

Flowing water in cooler

Air conditioner water flow is a sign of the lack of gas led to the tracking of cooler or snow drainage pipe blocked by dirt. With both cases, you need to make sanitation engineer, can’t be done. You just need to note signs of flowing water cooler is not due to engine failure, which usually just simple hygiene and maintenance. When refrigeration repair craftsmen to House, you can ask to know the reasons for this phenomenon before agreeing to proceed with cleaning and maintenance machines.

Automatic electric waste

After a long period of use, you will feel the air conditioner more energy waste. Automatic home you can “ì ạch” because of the burden of too much dirt, accumulating on the surface of hot-staging, cooler, filter … interfere with the heat exchanger. With the toiletries fin, cooler, you can ask an electrician conditioning routine maintenance 3-6 a month.

You should choose air conditioner product have filter, removable and easy hygiene

Should replace conditioner

If the toilet has the right way, but still the power conditioner, can you change the family arrived at the new Republic article. Aircondition too old “burned” during the long power sometimes exceed the cost to replace the new conditioner. When choosing a new conditioner for homes, you should select the air conditioner cooling and high performance inverter technology to save electricity.

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