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Inverter technology in mechanical refrigeration?

According to the scientists, the technology Inverter appeared about 20 years but up to now the producers of the new note and widely used in the industry

mechanical refrigeration


  • Principle of operation the technology inverter (inverter)

Using the inverter technology is taking the kind of power circuits can adjust the electrical parameters such as voltage, amperage and frequency of air. When applied to the industry

mechanical refrigeration

, namely the production of air conditioning then this switch control circuit of rotation of the compressor, which leads to the harmonic capacity control. Increased frequency will increase the capacity of the machine and vice versa. In principle, this “intelligent” features help equipment can consume less electricity. However, this technology is not the multimeter because it requires conditions on an area of room air-condition, insulation …

  • Air conditioning Inverter

Inverters create cool gas by changing the frequency of the compressor, so adjust the volume of the lips to the cooling needs and achieve the desired temperature with the level of minimum temperature change. Thanks to the precise temperature control, status of waste can be eliminated. Consequently, air conditioning Inverter can efficiently use energy much higher than conventional air conditioner and was pretty much application in mechanical refrigeration. Advantage air conditioning inverter technology is saving power, the ability to do quick, cold comfort to users immediately.

According to experts, under the 16m2 should 9,000 BTU/h, from 16 to 20 m square, use the type of 12,000 BTU/h, from 20 to 30 m 2 of 24,000 BTU/h. Only Inverter technology to promote efficient after 2 h boot. If the use is not the correct type or or open, use many other heat emitting devices then this would inefficient technology. In addition, the walls thick, rooms good insulation also helps the device works better.

To regulate the technology Inverter works fine then the periodic maintenance is also necessary. Usually after 6 months need hygiene and air conditioning. In addition to indoor hygiene, users also need to pay attention to hygiene and fin, block compression and gas pipelines.


  • mechanical refrigeration air conditioning inverter

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