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Effect of air cooling system by steam

Air cooling systems now usually operate under the principle of evaporation of water helps regulate the humidity, the temperature in a certain space.

1. Principle of air cooling system by steam

Air cooling system by steam operates under the principle of evaporation of water to cool the air, help regulate humidity as well as temperature in a certain space area. The water in the cooling system, air is pumped up to the water distribution system, then flows through the smart paper screens from the top down in a cycle. Here too the process will evaporate the water to cool, the kinetic energy of a molecule of proportional to the temperature and the evaporation occurs more quickly at high temperatures, fast-moving water molecules escape , the remaining molecules have lower average kinetic energy and therefore the temperature of the water is reduced. Paper plates are intelligent design to increase surface area exposed to several thousand times, an area of exposed the greater the speed, the faster the water vapor is cooled much more.


2. Effect of air cooling system by steam.

Air cooling system by steam normally used at the workshop, the lobby, the Hall has an area of great … The effect of this air cooling systems can include:

Increase the humidity, the air conditioner: by rotating the water has cooled thanks to mounting in the pipe system structurally works, air cooling system helps regulate moisture, while eliminating hot spots due to the impact of the weather outside.

Clean air, to remove the maximum amount of dirt: Also thanks to the steam line is rotated regularly should the amount of dirt in the space will also be removed, helping to create a fresh atmosphere, ensuring the health of users.

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