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The air conditioning system at the level of Vincom Halong

Vincom Trade Center Center was launched from, 11-2013, the Royal style design in Europe. By then, the whole system of infrastructure, especially the air conditioning systems and ventilation are used at the Center are the products of international quality standards, as well as by the reputable contractors , professional.

Vincom Center Halong has an area of over 37,000 m2 floor, including the basement and 4 floating floor 1, with items such as: high-end shopping center; Shopping Center chain, education consultant, dedicated to child health; Food Court, ice-skating; theaters, the World game …. This is the largest trade centre in Quang Ninh province and stature in the North until this point.

M&E Group is proud to join VinGroup in the category of air conditioners and ventilation at Vincom Center Halong

With the scale as well as accommodating up to thousands, Vincom Trade Center Center has been designed with ventilation systems and air-conditioning systems according to international standards to ensure the air conditioner always smoothly as always ensure the source of clean air in the entire Center. Conditioner products as well as ventilation males used here are all the products of quality, proven through rigorous standards for a mechanical refrigeration system.

ME Group-official contractor for the project the air conditioning at the Vincom Trade Center Center in HA Long

With a team of experts, technical staff enthusiasm, dynamism, the products are used always ensuring quality according to international standards, the M&E Group was honored to become the main contractor for the project of installation of air conditioners and

installation of ventilation system

at Vincom Trade Center Center. Through the go into finishing the project to bring this international class, ME Group again confirmed the power, prestige in the installation, designed for mechanical refrigeration system works in points, is absolute trust users.

All the details about the product, the project please contact:

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