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Conditioner for workshop

With characteristic large space, machinery and equipment for many of the factories, the factory so that the factory needs a system of powerful air conditioners with power conditioning, air flow is large and stable operation. Besides, the installation should save space and are flexible, so automatic for the factory is one of the cooling equipment in the factory, the plant most commonly available today.

1. The air conditioner for workshop

Currently, there are many providers of these genuine products from the well-known such as PANASONIC, LG, SAMSUNG, MIDEA, GENERAL … with competitive prices and sales of each individual mode.

When the installation of air conditioning for buildings in need of special attention that the cooling system for the factory to fit the space of the factory, does not affect the inner layout even when there is a change , and make sure the wind chill could spread throughout the factory. With this feature the bonus buildings using the power conditioner, conditioner with industry such as vertical conditioners, automatic ceiling duct …

2. The advantages of conditioners for buildings

Quiet operation with spiral compressors

Easy operation with LCD form controller

Flexible design with copper pipe allows for installation of up to 50 m and a height of to allow 30 m

Space-saving installation

Durable over time thanks to the high corrosion features.

The installation of air conditioners for buildings

Factory cooled machines are designed to cool the factory with the technology to use vertical blinds cooling vapor by evaporation of a part of water vapor into the atmosphere to help decrease air temperature quickly, the air clean filter after it was already being taken on factory space or public places.

Apply for open space and open sale.

Have the ability to clear the air and reduce the temperature.

Fresh air from the outside is filtered and cooled will be put into space in the air, then increase the speed of hot gas and dust pushed out, simultaneously changing the atmosphere, reduce the temperature, increasing the cell content of xi.

Can be installed in places where there are high temperatures and crowded places.

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warranty, maintenance of mechanical systems, electronic, thermal, electrical, automation and environmental processing equipment. Along with the modern machinery equipment, enough appliances, spare parts for installation and replacement, we are implementing many projects for customers with the highest quality.

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