Số 10/357 Tam Trinh, P. Hoàng Văn Thụ, Q. Hoàng Mai, TP. Hà Nội

Hotel the old Dam project-Nha Trang

Hotels in Nha Trang or Old Swamp known as the old Dam project Vinpearl Nha Trang is a complex of villas and resort hotels were built on the total floor area is 5000 m 2. The project investment triểnbởi VinGroup Corporation and was cold and electric joint stock company trade ME-M&E official Group offers the products of air conditioners and ventilation system for the entire space.

The old Lagoon Resort Villas-Nha Trang is located in a prime location at the “tropical paradise” with only 40 minutes to move by car or 10 minutes by boat from Cam Ranh airport. With the old Swamp-Nha Trang, you not only get into nature with white sand, blue sea, but also enjoy the holiday, entertainment services in one of the world’s most beautiful sea Bay.

With the importance of the whole project, after study and thorough construction projects done, owner of old Dam Hotel project-Nha Trang has decided to cooperate with the refrigeration electrical engineering joint stock company and commercial M&E-M&E Group in the deployment installation of air-conditioning and ventilation system for the entire difference, space vacation packages here. This not only again help affirm the absolute belief with the owner with regard to the products or services offered by the M&E Group but also created a huge motivation for the whole team of engineers our engineering, in bringing to the premium product for the community. 

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