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M&E Group of successful installation of the air conditioning system in the commercial centre of Da Nang

The air conditioning system at the Trade Center, especially in the commercial centre of international stature are part is especially important because it not only helps the circulation, air filter, dirty task that Emily provided the gas source clean, clean for the entire space. Determine the importance of the air conditioning system for the operation, development of the commercial centre of Da Nang, the owner of the project in collaboration with joint-stock company

mechanical refrigeration

and trade ME-M&E Group to proceed with the installation and finishing of the air conditioning system at the Centre.

Danang commercial center

Danang commercial center, also known by the name is Vincom NGO Quyen, is the commercial center has a total building area up to 40,000 m2, located at Ngo 910A roundabout intersections, Pham Van Dong-Wu and Han River Bridge Authority. Located in one of the blood of network traffic location Danang, Danang commercial center to officially bring the inhabitants and visitors a shopping-entertainment-world-class luxury and entertainment.

With the importance of the whole project, after study and thorough construction projects done, owner of commercial centre project in Da Nang City have decided to cooperate with the refrigeration electrical engineering joint stock company and commercial M&E-M&E Group in the deployment

installation of air conditioners

for the whole of the space at the Center. This not only again help affirm the absolute belief with the owner with regard to the products or services offered by the M&E Group but also created a huge motivation for the whole team of engineers our engineering, in bringing to the premium product for the community.


  • mechanical refrigeration
  • the air conditioning system
  • installation of air conditioners

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