Số 10/357 Tam Trinh, P. Hoàng Văn Thụ, Q. Hoàng Mai, TP. Hà Nội

Project Vinhome Park Hill

Vinhome Park Hill is the next in the chain of the group housing project which VinGroup ME Group in charge of the survey, construction design

ventilation systems

, air conditioner and civil industries.

Located in urban populations alive for Vietnam-Times City, Vinhomes Times City Park Hill inherited the location Prime gold right at the gateway to the South East of the capital. Along with that is the utility system, outstanding scenery and special “smart apartment”-optimization of living space for each family. In addition, the apartments at Vinhome Park Hill is also equipped with audio controls, light … “only the click of a button, the user brings a space possibly vacation resort.

With the importance of the whole project, after study and thorough construction projects done, VinGroup Corporation has decided to cooperate with the joint-stock company

mechanical refrigeration

and commercial M&E-M&E Group in the deployment

installation of air conditioners

and the ventilation system for the entire difference, space vacation packages here. This not only again help affirm the absolute belief with the owner with regard to the products or services offered by the M&E Group but also created a huge motivation for the whole team of engineers our engineering, in bringing to the premium product for the community.


  • mechanical refrigeration
  • ventilation systems
  • installation of the air conditioning system
  • me group
  • vinhome park hill

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