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M&E Group installation of air-conditioning system at the Vincom Trade Center Quang Trung

One is a leader in the field of

mechanical refrigeration

, particularly the experience in the design and installation of air conditioning systems, M&E Group has been selected as the main contractor in the installation of air-conditioning system at the Vincom Trade Center Quang-go VAP-Ho Chi Minh City.


Quang Trung Trade Center

Vo Quang Trung Center-one of the complex of shopping malls, entertainment and modern cuisine in the area Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City was officially opened on 2/9/2015. Situated in a prime location of VAP, right at the main road axis of Quang Trung, Quang Trung vo TT is built on a total area of up to 22,000 m2 floor, including the basement and 3rd 2 storey. With the floor space are luxury design and scientific layout with shopping centers, educational play area for children, bookstores, cinemas, supermarkets, consumer electronics, regional cuisine in the restaurant. TT trading Quang Trung has opened entertainment opportunities and new strange shopping for crowded residential areas Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City.

With the importance of the whole project, after study and thorough construction projects done, owner Vincom Trade Center project Quang Trung has decided to cooperate with the refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation and M&E commercial-M&E Group in the deployment

installation of air conditioners

for the whole of the space at the Center. This not only again help affirm the absolute belief with the owner with regard to the products or services offered by the M&E Group but also created a huge motivation for the whole team of engineers our engineering, in bringing to the premium product for the community.


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