Số 10/357 Tam Trinh, P. Hoàng Văn Thụ, Q. Hoàng Mai, TP. Hà Nội

Times city T1 ~ T18

Following the success of the project before also getting absolute trust from customers, M&E Group continued honor to be selected as the provider of air conditioning systems and ventilation systems of Yamani Dynasty.

Yamani factory Dynasty

The project of the Yamani Ltd. Dynasty Nam Dinh Province people’s Committee investment certificates on the CCN, Southern Red 7-2011 with the main industry is the manufacture of artificial leather products serve the purpose of export. Shortly after the completion of legal procedures, investors have conducted surveys, the design of factory production. To 10-2012, the factory covers an area of 2,700 square meters were perfected to install equipment to attract workers into work 666.


This is one of the big projects are investing in Nam Dinh and has created jobs for more than 2700 employees. After 4 years of continuous development, noticed the growing market demand, the company leadership decided to invest and expand production scale by building more units to the factory. With the expansion of production lines, the company has pushed the goal of production was up 2.6 million products, total sales of about 50 million dollars per year, creating more jobs for about 300 employees. The investment building in the South has contributed to fundamental, comprehensive change all aspects of socio-economic life of the town. creating jobs for local workers also help for many households have more revenue from business services.

With the importance of the whole project, after study and thorough construction projects done, project factory owner Yamani Dynasty decided to cooperate with the joint-stock company

mechanical refrigeration

and commercial M&E-M&E Group in the deployment

installation of air conditioners

and the ventilation system for the entire factory in the factory. This not only again help affirm the absolute belief with the owner with regard to the products or services offered by the M&E Group but also created a huge motivation for the whole team of engineers our engineering, in bringing to the premium product for the community.

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