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We distribute products for different brands such as LG, CARRIER, HITACHI, DAIKIN, GENERAL, FUJITSU, YORK, HONEYWELL, etc. We have the ability to provide and install the following products:

  • Air conditioners: VRV, Water Chillers, Air Cooled or Water Cooled Package Air Conditioners, Single Slim Package, Split Air Conditioners type and window type, etc.
  • Auxiliary equipment and accessories for air conditioning systems: pumps, water valves, water pipes, cold air ducts, cooling towers and insulation materials etc.
  • Spare parts service for the maintenance of air conditioning systems.
  • Refrigeration systems and air conditioning, BMS systems, electromechanical, electronic, pressure systems and boilers.
  • Machinery and equipment, industrial, mining, forestry and construction
  • Equipment for scientific research, experiments
  • Construction materials: cement, stone ground kinds, etc.
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Dự án Vinhome Park Hill

Dự án Vinhome Park Hill

 Vinhome Park Hill là công trình tiếp theo trong chuỗi dự án nhà ở của tập đoàn VinGroup mà ME Group chịu trách nhiệm chính trong việc khảo sát, thiết kế thi công hệ thống thông gió, điều hòa không khí công nghiệp và dân dụng.   

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